Meet the Staff

Pastor Joshua Wiley

Pastor Joshua joined Grace Lutheran Church in January 2019. He grew up in various parts of western Washington and until just a few years ago, he lived in the State of Washington his whole life. He did spend a year in Japan during high school as an exchange student.

In college (Washington State), he got a degree in criminal justice and elementary education.  Why both you may be wondering?  He was almost finished with the criminal justice one when he happened to volunteer at a kindergarten and he found that he loved teaching little kids so he switched over.  After graduating, he worked in a child care center and taught as a substitute for a number of years. Later, he also tutored high school students. 

While working at the place where he tutored, he met an older lady who invited him to dinner and it turned out her husband was a pastor and before too long, he was attending their church and soon enough Jesus saved him.  And it only took about 30 years for Joshua to finally admit "I needed Him!"

If you have any questions or just want to talk, please drop in. 

Robbie Burum, Office Administrator

Robbie joined Grace Lutheran Church in February 2018.

Business Experience: accounting, human resources and business administration.

Family: Jordan Burum (son), Jillian Burum (daughter), Jackson Burum (son) and Josephine Burum-Tankersley (daughter).