Message from Pastor Joshua

Message from Council President

Dear congregation,

I will try to make this message as short as possible. But first, let me say Pastor in cooperation with Robbie, our music ladies, and Steve Layton have stepped up to provide online music and sermons which can be accessed on our Facebook and website. What creative people, thank you!

The pastor, council members, and elders have come together to work through the issues we have with the operation of the church and school during the CoVid-19 infection period. Here are the decisions they have made.

The church building is closed to all non-essential personnel. Quilters group, ladies bible study, Thursday morning bible breakfast, board meetings, Easter events, confirmations, ALL cancelled. If you have any projects you work on at the church let me know what they are and we will determine if it a necessity. At this point the Church must be considered off-limits for any non-essential activity.

  1. Grace Christian Children’s Center (GCCC); due to state regulations and the desire for parents to keep their children home, GCCC will be temporarily closing the preschool until the end of April.
  2. GCCC has also modified the operation of the Daycare center to comply with the state requirements for handling of daycare children of parents in essential occupations as defined by the State of Oregon.

These changes will require the temporary layoff of 9 GCCC staff members in both the preschool and daycare. We are confident that this is a temporary situation. However we cannot give you an end date. In addition to the impact on GCCC, our Office Manager, Robbie, will be included in the temporary layoff along with the GCCC daycare personnel starting March 30th. This was discussed between the church leadership and Robbie and it was decided that, due to her specific health issues, she will limit her exposure to the daily business of the church.

Phil Soth has worked with Gail Walker and Cindy Overstreet to notify the personnel of the layoff. A $500 “Gratitude” award will be included in their March paycheck. All affected employees have been directed to relevant State of Oregon resource sites to apply for and claim unemployment compensation. Let me assure you the church considers this situation temporary and we want Robbie and our teachers and aides back with us as soon as possible.

As we all struggle with the changes occurring during the Corvid-19 pandemic, we must trust in our faith and in the Lord to help mankind through this period. Please include an extra prayer for your friends, family, and your fellow mankind when you go to bed tonight. 

Bill Thomas, Council President