Meet the Staff

Reverend Bruce Lee Crabtree, IIM 


Pastor Bruce Lee Crabtree is our Intentional Interim Minister who began his ministry here at Grace Lutheran Churcn in December 2017.

Spiritual Life Ministry and Intentional Interim Ministry to aid churches through transition

Education: Master of Divinity, Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, 1997. Graduate Schools of Education and Business, CSU Fresno and University of Southern California; BS, Business Administration.

Clergy Experience Intentional Interim pastorate at Grace Lutheran, Scappoose, OR, Galilee Lutheran Church, Kent Island, Maryland, Martin Luther Chapel, Marathon, FL. Associate Pastor, Trinity Lutheran Church, Monroe, MI for 11 years, Pastor,Grace Lutheran Church, Franklin NE,

Business Experience - finance, accounting, marketing and management.

Academia Experience: Instructor in the CA State University system, tenured California Community College instructor in the Business Department and teacher in Adult high school, high school, and Jr. Hi.

Military: veteran, USAF; Chaplain, Captain, Civil Air Patrol, USAF Auxiliary

Family: Suzette (wife), Nick (son) in Kent WA, 2 daughters, Beth and Cari and six grandchildren in California.

Robbie Burum-Tankersley, Office Administrator


Robbie joined Grace Lutheran Churcn in February 2018.

Business Experience - accounting, human resources and business administration.

Family: Dustin Tankersley (husand), Jordan Burum (son), Jillian Burum (daughter), Jackson Burum (son) and Josephine Burum-Tankersley (daughter).